Whats in a name? Says the confused individual…

First of all for me names are completely irrelevant to my existence, however for many reasons it is important. Things that are named are those that need attentions and those aren’t are obviously not named which is for me not really important or not yet discovered or generalized individual or things.

I feel contented to my life because being named means I belong to something which is important and that is the human existence. I think I was named by my parents because it is important for me to be named and for me to be easily known by others not just by my face but by name so they can call me.

 The history of my name “Bryan” has been a mystery for me because I wasn’t able to have a chance to talk about my parents into it. But I think that for me I was named after Kobe Bryan’t. The famous basketball team Lakers was soaring up high (which happen to be Kobe Bryan’t’s team and my parents was his big fans) when I was born so I could easily guess how my parents named me that way. Years later I realized the being name Bryan isn’t for me or should I say I didn’t liked it because it sounded boring. I’d prefer the name Lorenzo because it fits me, its like it has Filipino taste in it which I am a true Filipino. Also I already told my few friends about it and they say it suits me well and that made felt good. But besides all my fake name I still don’t forget my real name though the fact that I don’t like it but still its my name. Probably in the future I will change my name but who knows.

The importance of the name for me is I think the privilege of calling someone to its name. Imagine calling someone with a very common name and suddenly all the people looked at you thinking that you are calling them because they all have the same name, now that would be embarrassing. Having a name is somewhat like a gift that can never be stolen but it can be stained depending on how you bring or present yourself to others. Other importance beside the name is the one that is carrying it even if you have a very good name it doesn’t mean that you are a good person. Being a good person means you need to work for it. As they say “trust is not given freely it is earned” just like the name and the person carrying it would you agree?

Other quotes that I actually admired:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


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