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10 Things You Hate About LOVE.

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Haha gotcha, I intend to make a catchy title to attract some audience.

This article I wrote way back a year after I graduated highschool.  Actually this is my first time to write things and through the help of my sister I was able to make a very good story. Its a true story by the way.

Probably in the future I’ll add an episode because the story isn’t finished yet when you read it. When I get a chance I will add some cool episodes.

The story takes place in my highschool school, until now I still remember her…

Here it goes:

      Well everyone experienced this puppy love right? Unless you’re a 5 years old reading my blog lol. Anyways, experiencing puppy love is cool and it helps us explore our emotions, build our self-confidence and attitude. Somehow, love helps us find our true self or self-identity through the eyes of the person we love and adore.  Compare to true love, puppy love seems easier to handle; we are most likely to get hurt or be sad when true love fails, while puppy love can just slip away, as if it’s just a wind that passes by..
Today I will share my own story about love and how it made me a good person even though we didn’t make it to last.

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Whats in a name? Says the confused individual…

June 21, 2011 1 comment

First of all for me names are completely irrelevant to my existence, however for many reasons it is important. Things that are named are those that need attentions and those aren’t are obviously not named which is for me not really important or not yet discovered or generalized individual or things.

I feel contented to my life because being named means I belong to something which is important and that is the human existence. I think I was named by my parents because it is important for me to be named and for me to be easily known by others not just by my face but by name so they can call me.

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The secret to healthy jogging, The quest for healthy body…

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Jogging is the worlds most fat burner exercise and I will show you how to jog properly. I’m not an expert on this but I have experienced jogging a lot of time and for me jogging is like a hobby and I like it.

Study shows that when you jog you lose 50 times fat than walking imagine that.

The equipment

To perform comfortably when jogging is to wear a tight shorts and a sando(sleeveless shirt). But if you want to sweat more you need a thick layered jackets and jogging pants. Also it is advised to use a running shoes light and makes you comfortable in a long destinations.

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Smoking Can Kill You But Its Not Too Late

April 29, 2010 1 comment

There are a lot of links there that provide programs, strategies and ways to quit or at lease lessen our smoking habits.

Some people are looking for some alternative and solutions out in the internet, What they missed is the motivation in themselves to stop.  I know its hard because I am one of them too, because of desperation people seem to have lost their hope.

There are a lot of categories which causes us to be addicted, obviously from nicotine. But that’s not it, there are a lot of factors involve. I’m not a psychologist but these things can be noticed easily. I will briefly give some thoughts in every categories.

Here are the list:

Mental Form

Smoking and mental illness often go together. So if you have some mental problems cigarette is your friend. Some factors affect smoking is the stress and when you get stress expect a overwhelming cravings for a cigarette.  You can easily defend yourself from temptation by just having strong foundation to yourself, you know your grounds and limitations. You must respect your body and by respecting it you are fighting the temptations.

Habitual Form

As you continue to smoke you develop a habit. You getting high with cigarettes and you won’t complete your day without it. That’s the early signs of addiction. Most of people get addicted to cigarette is comes from boredom. Often when people get bored random things pop up and you started to think what if i do this and that whats the outcome? Now that’s a thing. You need to occupy yourself with useful things and make yourself busy to avoid going to the wrong direction. There are a lot of ways not to smoke think about it.

Emotional Form

Emotional problems tackle a lot of causes and in effect it destroys our self-confidence, people tend to rely on smoking because they believe it can help them. Yes, it can help them but in the short while only; in the long run a lot of complications will from which leads more problems.

Just like what I said earlier the stress factors followed by peer pressure is very influential to smoking. You must choose your friends and must have a strong foundation or mainframe for yourself. You must fight temptation and find inspiration in your family and good friends.

Chemical Form

Nicotine is a very dangerous form of chemical, though sometimes it helps but later you will realize you made a very big mistake. Continuous usage of it in form of smoking may lead to another chemical intake like liquors which is also dangerous. The fact that it is dangerous it also create a lot of problems all those mention above combined into one.



If you combine them all, obviously it will have a very powerful effects on us. That’s why it is recommended for smokers to go and rehabilitate in rehabilitation centers. Where a fellow smokers will interact and lean on each other.

But don’t lose hope as the saying goes ” if there’s a will, there’s a way”. The essential weapon to fight addiction is yourself and the ones that loved you. I value my life so I need to quit I know you do so lets hold hands and fight.

I have  few links here:

Hyperhidrosis,Sweating Problems,Sweat Glands

April 28, 2010 3 comments

Have you ever feel like your sweat coming out like it is a river flowing? Experienced when all your  face neck and hands sweats more than what it used to be.   Experts says that this happens if you are in a high temperature area  or in a situation where you are in front of many people and embarrased or nervous, this happens.

It happened to me a lot of times but often times I disregarded it, because I’m used to it all the time. But recently I found out that I have sweating problem. I sweat more than a normal person do and even within  a low  temperature area with  pores  open, all my sweat come out like I’m in a shower. I’m starting to be aware of myself so I research all there is about my problem.

I found out that there are many solution in the internet, many advices and testimonials but I havent found yet the exact “home remedy” that will suit for me. The things that I found are surgeries and Laser treatment which is not really available to me. I really hope there will be one soon.

Is it BAD taking a shower after exercise?

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Baryo Basketball

Basketball is very popular in the Philippines. Kids play whenever they are not in school.

Playing basketball during summer is a common to all. I used to play basketball for past time and to make myself fit. But taking a bath after a tired and streneous activity keeps me from doing it because of the risks told by my parents like passing out while taking a bath or even worst death. So I googled it and found out that its not true and infact good for your health, it keeps away bacteria,fungi and etc and grows from your body but provided that you only take a hot shower before taking a cold shower because of your body is still on fire. For example: our body is like a machine when it is overheated and you pour water on it the machine perspire just like our body. And its a bad thing.

I made a list on what to do after your heavy workout:

  • After the heavy stuff warm up a little for your body to prepare for cooldown.
  • Rest for like 5 mins – 30 mins or if you feel like your ready to take a bath.
  • Bath on hot water for 2 mins and then cold for like 5 mins just enough for you to clean up.

I realized that taking a bath after streneous activity is not bad at all but provided that you know what you are doing.


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