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The Philosophy of Rene Descartes

April 30, 2012 4 comments

Rene Descartes familiar? He’s a famous philosopher and a mathematician. He presents his own philosophy with style and he created his own or say he started a fresh start in philosophy in terms of ideas. Hes presentation of philosophy is based on the different ideas of other medieval philosophers and in he also mixed with reasons. Descartes states that if a thing is clear and distinct in the way that it is free from doubts then it is a true knowledge then if a certain things to you made you doubt to it then you should considered it not true knowledge because you doubt it and by doubting it, it means that there is a true meaning to that you just haven’t discovered yet, this theory is called Methodic Doubt. Basically all the arguments of Descartes in philosophy is based on doubts, because when you doubt the more you get curious and the more you understand things.

Cogito ergo sum   meaning “I think, therefore I am” Descartes emphasize that if you think then its the bases that you exist in this world. Other form can be “I think, thus I exists”.

Descartes believes that human body is a machine that can live on its own without the help of the soul contrary to what other medieval philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas, that body cannot function without the soul. One thing that makes it true is the parts of our body that make us move or alive. Like the different systems in our body, Lungs, Heart etc.

Res Extensa (Extended Being) – its basically the things here on the world that occupy space meaning everything that occupy space, corporal. Its capable of living without the soul.

Res Conjitans (Unextended Being) – its the things that doesn’t exist its the idea or form, immaterial, incorporal. E.g: Soul.

And with that example he argued that we human beings does not need soul in order to live though he said that it doesn’t mean that the soul is unimportant to us because it serves us the our awareness, consciousness and direction. For example a car, the car represents the body, the car can start or function but it needs something for it work efficiently so that’s when the driver comes in which represents the soul, so much so that it gives the car a sense of direction because of the driver. Just like the human body together with the human soul.


the more I sought to inform myself, the more I realized how ignorant I was.

 – Rene Descartes


6 Different Levels Of Fatness

April 28, 2012 6 comments

Ahh Hell no! Hahahaha

I love this guy.

If you guys want more of him visit his youtube page here.

This Idiot Tried to Hack My System

April 28, 2012 Leave a comment

I wonder how the hell he did it, but it sure is that he is successful, he RDP’d my ass for 50 seconds and then boom his gone. My guess that he sniffed into my open port I have set and from there I had no clue what else happened. I’ve scanned all the security holes but no luck including the firewalls and router security policy.  He disable my audio, crashed my vlc and closed the chrome.  Son of a bitch!

Batch Commands That Gets The Jobs Done

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

That task is about file transferring, we need to transfer the files that the Agents recorded on their calls throughout the day. Since each agents can create almost 50+ calls. Each folder can go up to 500 MB of size, say there are 60+ agents that’s 60 folders of 500MB size. Thats a long wait for a transfer specially the transfer method is networked,  meaning from WindowsOS to CentOS using Samba Drive, and did I mention the OS difference? Yes,  Samba is a interoperability software that aids the Windows in transferring files to another OS, in short it acts as a middleware between Operating Systems, not only that it also supports printing and filesharing, for the CentOS it is a variant of Linux Operating system and it is a free OS. Why CentOS? Ask the company XD.

Anyways I’ve created a simple code in Batch that will automate the file transferring because the usual method of transferring the file is through copy paste and wait until the loading is done. You probably think that why not copy paste them all?! Well you can but then it will take you forever the finish the files at least for my experience because the computer that holds the data is weak and outdated. It has to be one at a time to keep the system stable at the same time the computer wont hang up.

So what I realized that doing this over and over again is too much hassle especially we are also busy doing things in the field like Network Cabling, we have to be in the field early morning to finish the cables that we are supposed to finish.

I’ve made a simple file transfer tool from batch commands,  it doesn’t speed up the transfer rather than it automatize the routine of copy all files in a folder and transfer it to the other folder and do it again for 60 times.

The crucial part of the program is the check  size of the folder  because there are no built in commands in in identifying the size of the folder rather it only supports the size of the file so I had to search of a solution and found that algorithm in the internet. Thanks internet 😀

If you guys ever want to script batch commands,  I just started reading the wiki and few samples and then after 3 hours I’ve made this script. It took me less than a day to finish the script. Though it looked like it is working but there are things that needs to implement in the script, I need to implement the log system wherein it records the activity that it executes like the date, time and also the size of the folder to compare their folders for authenticity of the files.

Read this articles and you will be scripting this awesome commands in no time:

Bits And Pieces of The Application

April 24, 2012 4 comments

Yesterday we presented the overview of the application plan. Now we will try to explain each of them and the intents of each of the Activity(Pages). We will start on the SplashScreen Activity:

public class SplashScreen extends Activity() 

This here when the user click the icon the first thing that will happen to the application, it will show the logo, title and the version of the application. Usually SplashScreen isn’t really that necessary because we can operate even though it is disable, We will  implemented it for the purpose of beautifying the application. This is the first thing that I will do since it only takes few codes the work.

public class MenuMain extends Activity()

After the SplashScreen this is the next thing that will happen to the application it will direct the the MainMenu Activity . There is a lot of ways to implement menus but since we are aiming for simplicity we will just use buttons. Buttons are great for everything when you get used to it, a whole new world of ideas you will discover. Maybe for the future projects we will use the more advance method of menus like widgets.

 public class CalculatorMain extends Activity()
public class SciCalculatorMain extends Activity() 

 This is where all the magic happens this is where the core of the application is, we will codes together on this area more often debug stuff and shit. Since it needs to have a database to store the last 5 equations, we will have a research on SQLite platform on Android since we don’t have any idea on how to implement it or try to see if there is any other solution rather implementing the SQLite.

public class AboutApp extends Activity()

We will put in here the ones who help contribute to the project, the one who is supporting it and making this impossible stunt possible. We will get famous in no time guys. haha

Thats it for now,  tomorrow I will probably create the visual images of the application and take a screenshot and show it to you guys, I will also show you how to make the UI its as easy as 123 trust me.

BTW naa nay ni sign up isa ka bouk for the Designs sa application lamats kaayo bai, due to his request dili sya paila hehehe


Rough Draft Of The Calculator App

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I just finished with the rough draft, basically this is the flow or somewhat pages of the entire application, It would be best if we have an icon, logo, background but that is really not important at the moment, we need to first make each pages and make features in each and everyone of them. At the end of the week I will create a written Project Proposal for everyone to read and code some of the parts in order for the project to start running.

Some of you might be wondering why Calculator? Calculator because it is a very simple program yet we can cover almost all the basic android programming terms on how to code. So its like we are familiarizing the Android Development by building a simple calculator after this we can continue making more complex applications and move forward. One step at a time guys. WE CAN DO THIS.

Anyone can join or just watch on how to develop applications or ask questions.. really guys we really need your support!

For anyone who wants to have the developer’s kit on Android I have the complete files if ever you want to have one. Its easier for you just get it from the usb than to download because it takes hours to download all the files.

For those who want to start reading about android development please go to their site Android. All the things are found their including the downloads and tutorials, I’m recommending you guys if you start on HELLO WORLD app so that you can grasp parts of how to code inside Android.

*And for those you want to learn designing naa sad didto on how to design the logo icons background.
Pag practice2x lang sad ug Java kay mao rajud atong gamiton sayun ra ang Java basa2x lang gud.
Mag himu pud ko ug site nga dedicated ani nga project so everyone can sign up and post their ideas works and etc in the site so every can see.



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