10 Things You Hate About LOVE.

Haha gotcha, I intend to make a catchy title to attract some audience.

This article I wrote way back a year after I graduated highschool.  Actually this is my first time to write things and through the help of my sister I was able to make a very good story. Its a true story by the way.

Probably in the future I’ll add an episode because the story isn’t finished yet when you read it. When I get a chance I will add some cool episodes.

The story takes place in my highschool school, until now I still remember her…

Here it goes:

      Well everyone experienced this puppy love right? Unless you’re a 5 years old reading my blog lol. Anyways, experiencing puppy love is cool and it helps us explore our emotions, build our self-confidence and attitude. Somehow, love helps us find our true self or self-identity through the eyes of the person we love and adore.  Compare to true love, puppy love seems easier to handle; we are most likely to get hurt or be sad when true love fails, while puppy love can just slip away, as if it’s just a wind that passes by..
Today I will share my own story about love and how it made me a good person even though we didn’t make it to last.

Pilot Episode:

         First day of class, just typical day, nice seeing old friends and new classmates. As usual I was being quite, not wanting to get notice. I remember being so serious that day to avoid being bullied. You know, I’m making my first impression to other students. But then I noticed this girl whom and I thought “cool we are gonna have a pretty and smart classmate and I’m liking it!”. I can still remember the first thing that popped out of my mind when I was looking at her, it is the brightness of her eyes and  her glowing face that looks like an angel in disguise. Wow! She’s so damn hot! I like the most her innocent yet aloof way. I told myself, see they say puppy love is very complicated but I thought it’s otherwise. It’s just what it is.

Now, on my first move to get notice by her… I thought that I can fool her by doing something, haha im totally wrong! I can’t even talk to her…she struck me with her powerful aura, and it almost made me feel like I’m paralyzed, totally blown by her. You know how it feels when you’re put on a spot in front of a beautiful girl…I can’t even approach her or something. It feels like my tongue is pulled way back down my ass…lol…

 Well, just like anyone else, I used to think of crazy things about this girl… I always daydreaming of her..and imagining myself talking to her…sounds pathetic huh! I know…well, what can I do, I am totally moved by her….

And then the time came, the day I’ve been waiting for…….it was when we also got a new teacher who appointed us a designated sit, I was so lucky to sit near her..I told myself finally  I will have the chance to get to know her…even just to know her name would be more than enough to feed my insanity and thirst of knowing her…..
And yeah the day is ending; I didn’t even get her name, what a loser! Hahahah… and we gotta go home….and all I can think of is “shit, when I’m gonna get her name, take her out, and even win her heart.”

Even in my way home I still think of her, what am I? a psycho or something… dude, this is the first time to think girls the way i think to her. I hope I can see her someday, so I can finish my unfinished business with her…lol…

To be continued…

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