Brief history of my entire career.  From blogging to programming.


-I started two failed websites (WordPress) , I planned to make them more on clicks and page views. It brutally failed because of a bad domain name and a free hosting package.

-I started to work in an online news publishing sevensidedcube as an article writer, mostly rewriting stuff and making sure that they pass the SEO standards.

-I started to train myself in photoshop and drastically failed again lol.

-Starting blogging my way out of frustrations and this blog is the end result.


-I started to take Database Systems and I quit smoking which is worth it btw.

-Started to make my first ever system php and mysql horribly failed.

-Started train myself on android development and so far I still can recall what i’ve done.

-Rewritten my inventory system and looks very promising thought i still haven’t touched it for a long time now.


-Started with my first web application (estoryahe dictionary)  it was by far my most successful creation. 5 months of sleepless nights was all worth it.

-Started to work on OOP Php and Java Programming. I got lazy, i know I’m a slacker.

-I started to RUN 200+ KM is my milestone.

-Applied in USC-M wonderful organization

-Trained php and mysql intermediate level  of coding.

-Created my own PHP Framework( Check on the links below), I like to call it that way. It’s much more cooler.

-Working on this Capstone, Hotel Reservation for Cebu Northwinds Hotel.

-I also got a freelance job in DENR as a web designer(My first break practicing my career).


GitHub – list of all the projects ive commited

StackOverFlow – all the questions ive ask and some answers ive writteb


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