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Reality Check… How TV ruined your life v2.

June 18, 2011 1 comment


Stop chasing this retarded media fueled dream of what life should be like. Having sex is not important and can be completely ignored, and for most of you it should be so you don’t get yourself into a rut about it.

Here’s a big life spoiler, most of your life will be boring. Those TV shows where everyone parties all the time are not real. Most people lie about what they did at the weekends because they feel ashamed they didn’t do something exciting. Well neither did the person they just lied to either.

And for that matter having a girlfriend is not that great either, it’s not the magical experience you’d expect at all and the biggest benefit you will get is sex. In return expect a loss of free time, nagging and retarded women’s logic.

Here’s my advice to you all, do whatever the fuck you like doing, as often as you can. Nobody really gives a shit if you only play videogames for hours every day, or sit inside on Facebook. Life is far too short to care about what the majority of people think of you. Just try and find some friends who do the same things as you and disregard everyone else.

Enjoy your life, stop fucking crying because you couldn’t be what the TV told you to be.



Deymm Facebook GIRL!!!

April 12, 2010 2 comments

Hot boring summer days. Doing my own stuff, surfin the internet mainly Facebook, lookin other peoples profile. And guess what? I suddenly stumbled upon this lovely lady Called herself “Ella Tran Ha” showed below:

Pretty sexy huh?, Wait I know what your thinkin! Before I jump up to a conclusion I just want to describe her with my own words. She looks friendly, nice and SEXY! lmao…..

But I started to get suspicious about her. Because I tried to googled her name and nothing came up.  I guess someone just pretending to be her and grab her photos. That’s Identity Thief as far as I know. I was really hoping to get more info. about her. If anyone know her, can you please tell me or contact me :P.

Oh btw, If anyone of you want to see more of her photos you can go to and search her name “Ella Tran Ha” which I mentioned above, You will find her lovely photos there! Cheers!

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