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Looking For Amateur Talents in Java Programming and Android Development.(Programmer and Designer)

April 21, 2012 4 comments

Hello I’m looking for amateur talents who can help me create an applications. My purpose of this is to help myself grow as a programmer and I can’t do this alone so I’m looking for someone who shares interest in programming and visual designing. The platform that will be using is Android Application Development and probably most of you already familiar with Android and its applications. Basically we will be create a simple program and then continue to grow.

Requirements would be:

Basic programming in C
-Basic understanding on Java Programming
-Have high motivations
-Basic knowledge in photoshop

Additional Requirements(A Plus Not recommended):

-Has an Android OS in their cellphones
-Has high end PC
-Already knowledgeable on Android Application Development
-Finished subject 121(Data Structures)

Future Projects:

-Calculator/Sci Calculator
-Phonebook(with SQL Database)
-You guys can suggest!


I’m only looking for interested people and amateur in programming because I myself is also an newbie and it will just intimidate any newbie if they see super imba programmers.  But any professional programmers is more than welcome to join for consultation purposes.

There is no deadline in this project and you can work as long as you want whenever you want to work I don’t really mind as long as we communicate because we are just in the same school might as well we will have a meeting to talk about our progress in the development. I actually have many ideas to mind as what will be the applications that we will do.

You must also know that I’m not a professional programmer i just learn by reading a book online so don’t just rely on the teacher to learn you must be resourceful in studying. But if you have questions you can ask and I will do everything I can to help you guys.

If in the future our plans can push through we will be using a versioning service so that we can keep track of our work so we can manage and compile the codes properly. The service that we will use is GitHub go the the site and read more about it. Remember if you really love programming, you don’t need a teacher for you to grow.

You can contact me in facebook or leave a comment here or better yet text me(09329091453). But I still have a work so I will come back to you as soon as I can.

You help me I help you and together we will grow.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Best Regards,


Book Review On Tuesdays With Morrie

July 3, 2011 Leave a comment

This book is one of the most influential book that I have read, it talks about life and how to deal with life. The books covers 14 Tuesdays and each of the Tuesdays covers different life changing stories that Morrie tells. If I were to choose one of which Tuesday that I want most I would probably choose the 6th Tuesday because emotions is important to us and we should express our feelings and sentiments in order to discover who we really are and what it really our purpose in life.

The Tuesday in the book that strikes me most was the 6th Tuesday when Morrie talked about Emotions.

I was able to grasp what Morrie is trying to tell. Detaching, that we need to detached ourselves from our own experience not by just totally forgetting those experience but by overcoming it, facing it and finally letting go of it.

Morrie said that it is important for us to “detach”, example are fear, love, pain from any other things, it makes us afraid of these things and thus in the end we just run away forget that it never happened, because we often run away from problems instead of facing it. But Morrie said that we need to let all these things fully penetrate us and later let go of it, move on to it or embrace it that some things are just are beyond human capabilities.

Morrie said that detachment dos not mean ignoring an experience, but immersing yourself in it. By experiencing fully, one is able to let go, to detach. Morrie tells Mitch that he must detach during his most frightening moments, like when his chest seizes up and he is unable to breathe. It is then that he must step outside of himself and accept that he could die at any moment.

“When you learn how to die, you learn how to live”

More example is that there are times in our life that is hard and makes us wanna cry but we shouldn’t supposed to cry because that’s what being strong is and in a relationship we often doubts ourselves but we are are just afraid of what might be the outcome if you tell it to our love ones. But for Morrie he said

Turn on the faucet. Wash yourself with emotion. It won’t hurt you. It will only help. If you let the fear inside, if you pull it on like a familiar shirt, then you can say to yourself, “All right, it’s just fear, i don’t have to let it control me. I see it for what it is”.

By reading this story I was able to realize that we should not ran away from our problems instead we should face it and good things will happen. We need to find courage in times of doubts and confusion and by then you are “detach” because you face it. Its like taking a heavy weight out of you and dumping it and continue living your life.

I am an Economic Naturalist

July 2, 2011 Leave a comment


Why do different sizes of paper (½ and ¼ intermediate papers) is being sold at the school supply shops but students just cut their 1 whole size intermediate paper to make it into their desired paper size?


In four years of studying in high school begging for some paper on exams seldom have I noticed someone having a ½ or ¼ pad papers, they always have 1 whole pad and lucky for me if ½ is needed I always have a spare of ½ to give to a friend or to keep to myself often it takes like forever to cut it and sometimes when cutting the paper goes wrong it’ll end up not using it at all. This makes me curios, why don’t they buy ½ or ¼ papers just to avoid the burden of cutting the paper it will be easier that way.


Behavioral Theory

As you may know that almost all Filipinos is very much resourceful in terms of consumption of resources it may be in the form of FOOD, WATER, DAILY NEEDS and ETC. This traits also may be applied to Filipino students in which they have to minimize their consumption of paper that buying only 1 whole pad instead of buying the whole set which would cost a lot of money. Considering that most Filipino families have below average income. As time passed by Filipino students started to realize the importance of money and the handwork that the parents had done to them. In short students are getting more smarter as time goes by.

Economic Theory

Speaking of numbers I asked the school supply shops about the prices of the papers.

½ Intermediate Pad Paper/Crosswise/Lengthwise

11 Pesos ~ CW+LW = 22 ~ 11+11 = 22

¼ Intermediate Pad Paper

11 Pesos

1 Whole Intermediate Pad Paper

19 Pesos

Now Imagine all that papers would cost you around 52 Pesos, now that’s a lot of money considering your just buying a paper. What if you add notebook, coloring materials, scissors, pens, pencils, now that’s really not practical at all and very irrational if you buy all the papers not to mention the burden of carrying all that in school; plus the other stuff like books notebook, and etc; now that’s absurd and completely pathetic.

But what if you only buy the 1 whole pad paper? See the difference?It would have been easier and better, aside from the weight and the price it is more manageable because your only carrying the one whole pad. Its like all the sizes of pad paper in a price of one though you still need to cut them but as I say Filipinos are resourceful that’s a price to pay just to save money and energy.


So I conclude that buying 1 whole paper is way more better that buying the whole set, its more practical and at the end you will utilize all the paper and that’s good because you do not waste your resources. Unlike buying the whole set which is a waste because lets face it, its not like everyday you have exams, We also have discussions and activities and that’s the time the other stuff is useful like notebook, scissors and coloring materials for example.

For me the right distribution of resources and the practicality on how we decide on things really matters and that’s where the Rational Behavior comes in. It may also be describe as Opportunity cost because instead spending 52 pesos on the whole set of papers, why not buy the 1 whole pad that cost 19 pesos and use the remaining money to other stuff.

10 Things You Hate About LOVE.

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Haha gotcha, I intend to make a catchy title to attract some audience.

This article I wrote way back a year after I graduated highschool.  Actually this is my first time to write things and through the help of my sister I was able to make a very good story. Its a true story by the way.

Probably in the future I’ll add an episode because the story isn’t finished yet when you read it. When I get a chance I will add some cool episodes.

The story takes place in my highschool school, until now I still remember her…

Here it goes:

      Well everyone experienced this puppy love right? Unless you’re a 5 years old reading my blog lol. Anyways, experiencing puppy love is cool and it helps us explore our emotions, build our self-confidence and attitude. Somehow, love helps us find our true self or self-identity through the eyes of the person we love and adore.  Compare to true love, puppy love seems easier to handle; we are most likely to get hurt or be sad when true love fails, while puppy love can just slip away, as if it’s just a wind that passes by..
Today I will share my own story about love and how it made me a good person even though we didn’t make it to last.

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Whats in a name? Says the confused individual…

June 21, 2011 1 comment

First of all for me names are completely irrelevant to my existence, however for many reasons it is important. Things that are named are those that need attentions and those aren’t are obviously not named which is for me not really important or not yet discovered or generalized individual or things.

I feel contented to my life because being named means I belong to something which is important and that is the human existence. I think I was named by my parents because it is important for me to be named and for me to be easily known by others not just by my face but by name so they can call me.

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The secret to healthy jogging, The quest for healthy body…

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Jogging is the worlds most fat burner exercise and I will show you how to jog properly. I’m not an expert on this but I have experienced jogging a lot of time and for me jogging is like a hobby and I like it.

Study shows that when you jog you lose 50 times fat than walking imagine that.

The equipment

To perform comfortably when jogging is to wear a tight shorts and a sando(sleeveless shirt). But if you want to sweat more you need a thick layered jackets and jogging pants. Also it is advised to use a running shoes light and makes you comfortable in a long destinations.

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