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Creating Blog For World News

May 18, 2012 1 comment

A lot has been changed since last time I tried to write blogs on different websites, even before the google’s algorithms has change I was able to top the google search of a specific niche not to brag but hey its me.

So now I’m attempting to relive those moments by creating a new blog site which will cater all about news around the world, In order for me to achieve those ideas I need  people, since I’m not a people person then its gonna be a big problem.

Anyways I recently just found a perfect domainname for the blog site, I will plug it as soon as I bought it, its like $10/year so it kinda hurts my wallet. Of course the platform that I will be using is And I also started looking for the possible free news magazine themes for the blog site.  I prefer the free ones because I can also edit some few codes according to my needs.

So thats it, thought you should know

Peace madafacjkers!


Deymm Facebook GIRL!!!

April 12, 2010 2 comments

Hot boring summer days. Doing my own stuff, surfin the internet mainly Facebook, lookin other peoples profile. And guess what? I suddenly stumbled upon this lovely lady Called herself “Ella Tran Ha” showed below:

Pretty sexy huh?, Wait I know what your thinkin! Before I jump up to a conclusion I just want to describe her with my own words. She looks friendly, nice and SEXY! lmao…..

But I started to get suspicious about her. Because I tried to googled her name and nothing came up.  I guess someone just pretending to be her and grab her photos. That’s Identity Thief as far as I know. I was really hoping to get more info. about her. If anyone know her, can you please tell me or contact me :P.

Oh btw, If anyone of you want to see more of her photos you can go to and search her name “Ella Tran Ha” which I mentioned above, You will find her lovely photos there! Cheers!

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