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Apple Inc’s iPad Features FTW!

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I recently heard about the Apple Inc. launches the iPad which is now very popular because of its new features and apps. So I was curious and googled it, it was indeed a new generation and a very powerful gadget.

A lot of people are anticipating the release of iPad. Its  features mainly are Web surfing, note-taking, social- networking and e-mailing, and a consumer of photos, videos, books, periodicals and music.

This gadget is not supported for Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash  Softwares and the iPad also lacks a built-in Web camera and multitasking features that allow more than one application to run at a time.

If you need to create or edit giant spreadsheets or long documents, or you have elaborate systems for organizing e-mail, or need to perform video chats, the iPad isn’t going to cut it as your go-to device.

But still this gadget is a beauty!

Stunningly Amazing!


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