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The secret to healthy jogging, The quest for healthy body…

Jogging is the worlds most fat burner exercise and I will show you how to jog properly. I’m not an expert on this but I have experienced jogging a lot of time and for me jogging is like a hobby and I like it.

Study shows that when you jog you lose 50 times fat than walking imagine that.

The equipment

To perform comfortably when jogging is to wear a tight shorts and a sando(sleeveless shirt). But if you want to sweat more you need a thick layered jackets and jogging pants. Also it is advised to use a running shoes light and makes you comfortable in a long destinations.

Warm up

It is important to warm up when your going to have a strenuous exercise not just jogging but any other exercises. It prepares our body to react on the strenuous activity and make it adapt faster. It prevents us from having unwanted injuries and muscle cramps. Stretching is one form of warm up.


When you jog you must always get your posture on its best. Because you can’t breath properly if your posture is slouchy. The rule of thumb is 3 steps and 1 inhale and then 3 steps exhale, at least that’s the proper. But it doesn’t mean that you should always think to that step. You must train your mind to be spontaneous and then your good to go!


Remember that when you jog, you shouldn’t mind  the pain, its all in the mind and if you want to run more miles then you shouldn’t run and don’t forget to breathe. I have experience that its very exhausting and thinking to quit not to complete my goals. Trust me its really a bad thing to just quit. You must not quit and continue to jog though pain is there, its all in the mind. There is one philosopher who said that when the body gave up there is still hope and that is the mind.


When I finish jogging I always walk back and forth for 30 meters or so. So that my body doesn’t acquire injury. That’s a good habit to start with.

Wrapping it up

Jogging is very important for us to be fit and healthy, we should jog every once a week make it a habit.

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