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my TWITTER is sooo Smexy!

Today April 14, 2010

        It is a very interesting day, I woke up feeling the summer sun is so refreshing(lol). As usual first thing in the morning I turn on the computer and check my mails and blogs. Then probably eat and stuff, while doing my stuff a bird startled me in the window the bird looks trapped or probly slipped through the little holes of the window and trapped by the curtain. As the bird struggling to get out, I  rushed to grab him before it flew away. Its kinda really hard to capture a bird using hands so its very challenging to grab the bird and captured it. 

Heres the pic:

Me and my little birdy
Me and my little birdy

    Its really cute and furry, the feathers are so soft. The bird kinda nervous though his heart beats so fast.

After a few minutes of interaction with the bird. I noticed something wet in my hands. When I checked it, Its the birds pooooo. Dang I got a jackpot right there. Oh well after he pooed on my I finally let the bird go.

I end up getting my hand smelly.

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